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Cast Spotlight: Karin

With over 19 years at The Walt Disney Company Karin is a hero in her role as a Director of Management Science & Integration. During her time she has had the opportunity to support our internet/website division, Theme Park Attendance Forecasting and Consumer Insight & Research. Her current role in the Revenue Management & Analytics organization is based out of California and leads a team supporting marketing, finance, content and distribution analytics for Disney's film and television properties.

Her passion for analytics is also felt through her support of diversity in analytical fields. She believes in breaking down barriers for algorithmic bias, in both the cognitive bias respondents can have when responding to surveys and the internal biases scientists may have as they are reviewing data. Being inclusive and diverse in the analytical field allows for different perspectives on how data can be collected, viewed and interpreted.

Karin said, “When reviewing and analyzing data, we have an ethical responsibility to ensure diversity is represented in the data and in the interpretation of the story it tells.”

Karin leverages that passion and is one of the supporting leaders for Disney Data Analytics for Women (DDAW). In 2016 DDAW was introduced as an opportunity to improve the talent pipeline for women entering the analytics career field. Participants attend the conference and have the opportunity to meet and greet with the multitude of analytical areas within The Walt Disney Company. The goal is to improve the pipeline for women interested in analytical fields, and to help raise awareness for opportunities within the field.

Just like her favorite Marvel Hero Shuri, from Black Panther, Karin inspires us through her confidence and passion for her role.

“Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” – Shuri, Black Panther